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G1 and Removable Storage

I was just reading an article by Brighthand’s Editor-in-Chief, Ed Hardy, that says the new T-Mobile G1 handset powered by Google’s Android operating system can only use a memory card for additional storage.

Mr. Hardy writes:

“The first Android-based smartphone debuted this week, and users have discovered what many will consider a significant flaw: all applications have to be stored in internal memory.

This means that all third-party software has to fit in the 70 MB of internal storage that the T-Mobile G1 has set aside for this. The device comes with a 1 GB removable memory card, and it supports at least 16 GB ones, but none of that storage capacity can be used for holding applications.

The storage card is used only for holding files, like music and video.”

Personally, I welcome the Android users into to the proverbial swimming pool. Palm OS users also have to wrestle with this issue. I do hope that Palm OS customers get some relieve in 2009 when Palm is scheduled to release the successor to Palm OS 5, Palm OS II/Nova. I would also like to see Google roll out an update to Android that adds the ability to run apps of a card in the near future.

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  • Joel

    Palm OS sure can save applications on external memory and also run from the card. I believe there are limitations on heap usage and such, but most applications will run fine from a card.

  • Alan Grassia, Staff Writer

    It is true that you can install applications to an expansion card on Palm OS 4 and 5.However, Palm OS does not actually execute the application from the card. In the background, Palm OS is moving the application into RAM, and then executing the application. When you exit an application that was “launched” from the expansion card, Palm OS copies the application and data files back to the card.In the end, what the user sees is application execution on the card, but that isn’t what is happening.On Windows Mobile devices, like the Palm Treo 750, applications are executed directly from the card.Alan G