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Foleo Update on the 1SRC Podcast

On this week’s 1SRC Podcast, show 141, I cover all of the latest Palm Foleo news coming out of LinuxWorld.

1SRC Podcast 141 Show Notes:

  • CNNMoney.com reports that the Foleo will ship in September. Are they correct?
  • Palm partners with Wind River Systems for future Linux development on the Foleo.
  • Palm also announces a LogMeIn client for the Foleo will become available.
  • Brighthand’s Ed Hardy has details on production Foleo specs.
  • PalmAddicts has posted an notice about the new TalkPlus.com beta for the Treo.
  • 1SRC Editorial: The Evolving Treo.

Listen to 1SRC Podcast 141

One Comment

  • Jan

    There are also some technical documents available from the palm developer site, containing more info than brighthand’s summary.