Foleo Software Round Up

Last week (while I was on vacation) Palm and their Foleo solution partners announced a handful of new software titles for the upcoming Foleo Mobile Companion.

Six Apart Blogging Solutions for Palm’s Foleo

To start things off Palm and San Francisco-based Six Apart Ltd announced that Six Apart’s blogging services, which includes the popular TypePad service, will be compatible with Palm’s Foleo Mobile Companion.

“It’s vitally important for our business and individual customers to have access to their blogs and journals,” said Aaron Emigh, executive vice president and general manager of core technology for Six Apart. “Our work with Palm allows our customers to keep their content fresh and current with the latest in mobile technology.”

“Today’s customers are doing much more with their mobile devices, including staying in touch with online communities,” said Mark Bercow, senior vice president of business development for Palm, Inc. “Six Apart’s blogging applications take advantage of Foleo’s large screen and easy-to-use interface, making it simple for customers to take photos with their Treo(TM) smartphone, upload them to their blogs, then use the Foleo to edit and add text.”

You can read more about Six Apart’s solutions on their website. You can read the full Palm press release on the Palm website.

TealPoint To Bring Applications to Palm Foleo

Palm and San Rafael-based TealPoint Software have announced that TealPoint will be bringing some of their popular Palm OS software to the new Foleo Mobile Companion.

“With quality software support, the Foleo has the capability of revolutionizing the world of mobile computing,” said Holly Egan, director of business operations for TealPoint Software. “As a leading developer of mobile applications, we can leverage our experience to best take advantage of the Foleo’s open platform. Combining Palm’s easy-to-use tools and our own unique proprietary software technology, we’ve been able to bring five full applications to the Foleo in only a few weeks. Moving forward, we plan to bring more applications to the Foleo — new original titles as well as enhanced versions of our existing award-winning 28 applications for Palm OS(R).”

“TealPoint Software has a longstanding relationship with the Palm OS community and has brought dozens of applications to market for Palm devices,” said Mark Bercow, senior vice president of business development for Palm, Inc. “They’re now taking that success and bringing it over to the Foleo to give customers a rich experience, whether editing a picture, solving a puzzle or keeping organized.”

TealPoint will initially bring the following software titles to the Foleo:

  • TealSafe
  • TealPaint
  • TealDiet
  • SudokuAddict
  • ShortCircuit

More details about TealPoint’s applications for the Foleo can be found on the TealPoint website. You can read the full Palm press release on the Palm website.

NormSoft Pocket Tunes Foleo Preview

At next week’s LinuxWorld conference and expo (August 6-9), NormSoft will be demonstrating Pocket Tunes (pTunes) running on Palm’s new Foleo. You can read the NormSoft’s preview announcement on the NormSoft blog. Continue to check the Foleo Fanatics website for more details about pTunes for the Foleo as they become available.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Palm has been doing a good job of fostering support for their new Foleo platform by bringing a number well know developers to the table. According to Palm, a publicly available software development kit (SDK) will also be available for download the same day the Foleo launches.

[Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect the correct dates for LinuxWorld.]