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    1SRC Podcast 204

    This week on the 1SRC Podcast, I cover the recently announced Pre smart(er)phone powered by Palm webOS. I talk about what is really cool about the new hardware and software as well as some of the things that I don’t. (I’m not a big fan of sliders. Maybe the Pre’s slide out keyboard will be better than the sliders on the Tungsten T, T2, and T3.) I also cover some of the things that I really want to know more about, like how Synergy works, how will the Pre sync with a Mac or PC without going out to the cloud, and whether or not there will be tools to sync over a wired connection.

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    1SRC Podcast 181

    I just posted this week’s 1SRC Podcast. On the latest show, I cover the following:

    1. Recap of Palm’s presentation from the Merrill Lynch tech conference.
    2. USB analyst gives Palm stock a “sell” rating and why I think this guy is wrong.
    3. Ringo has been updated with a free SMS sound pack.
    4. Astraware Platypus gets reviewed this week.
    5. Windows Mobile Minute: Oh where, oh where has my World Clock gone?

    And, maybe, just maybe, there is a Foleo rant in there somewhere.

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    Foleo Rants

    Listeners of my weekly 1SRC.com podcast know that I prefer to take a measured approach to covering what’s going on in the Palm community. However in the last few weeks there have been reports of Palm’s Foleo being used. Allow me to recap for you.

    Back in New York at the DigitalLife conference where Palm announced the new Centro consumer-oriented smartphone, Palm CEO Ed Colligan was asked a question about what was happening with the Foleo after it was disclosed that it was going to be canceled in an on camera interview. Mr. Colligan said that the company could possibly release a Foleo-like device in the future and that he still uses his all the time.

    Similarly at the JP Morgan Small/Mid Cap conference that was held in Boston, Massachusetts, Palm CFO Andy Brown indicated that he has been using the new Palm Centro for the last two months and that it works great with his Foleo.

    Last week blog GearDiary.com published photos of the Foleo in action, including photos of the configuration page, file manager, and the Opera web browser. In one of the web browser photos it is clearly visible that the date on the article was November 14, 2007.

    Three separate instances of the Foleo in action after it was canceled. Foleo Fanatics can get their rant on with the following two segments from 1SRC.com podcasts 154 and 156.

    Just for the record, I do agree with all the business reasons that Palm sited for not doing the Foleo right now. The decision to focus on Palm OS II and then later using the new Linux-based operating system in both the Treo smartphone and any future Foleo or Foleo-like device has some really appealing synergies that I’m interested in seeing in action; such as portable applications (between Treo and Foleo devices), file browsing across devices, and the ability for the Foleo to operate as an independent low-cost (read: sub-$400) computing platform for mobile business professionals, educators and students, and busy individuals.

    For more news, analysis, reviews, and commentary on the Palm community, check out my weekly 1SRC.com Palm Powered podcast. You can subscribe to the show with your podcast catcher of choice with the 1SRC.com Podcast RSS feed.

    Foleo Rant 1 from 1SRC.com Podcast 154 (11/9/07)…
    Foleo Rant 2 from 1SRC.com Podcast 156 (11/21/07)…

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    Foleo Fanatics Video Podcast 001

    The first Foleo Fanatics video podcast has been posted for your viewing pleasure. The inaugural podcast covers:

    • I’m your host, Alan Grassia
    • Palm Foleo overview

    Download Foleo Fanatics video podcast 001…

    The Foleo Fanatics video podcast is encoded in the Apple QuickTime file format. You can download the free QuickTime Player here.