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1SRC Podcast 204

This week on the 1SRC Podcast, I cover the recently announced Pre smart(er)phone powered by Palm webOS. I talk about what is really cool about the new hardware and software as well as some of the things that I don’t. (I’m not a big fan of sliders. Maybe the Pre’s slide out keyboard will be better than the sliders on the Tungsten T, T2, and T3.) I also cover some of the things that I really want to know more about, like how Synergy works, how will the Pre sync with a Mac or PC without going out to the cloud, and whether or not there will be tools to sync over a wired connection.

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  • George G.

    Great podcast, as usual. I too am thinking that the lack of an emulator (along with the lack on links on the Palm Store home page to the PDAs still available), means that Palm is abandoning all the old OS 4-5 software programs; I’m thinking the same as what you said: “if I have to get all new apps, why not go for the iPhone and its great apps?”BTW, how you drink a Diet Coke during each podcast and avoid belching? I always have to burp when I drink a can of D.C.