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BlackBerry 4.5 Update: Don’t Forget Documents To Go

I’ve started the upgrade process to BlackBerry OS 4.5 on my Curve. Before you get started, you will want to download and install BlackBerry Desktop Manager version 4.7 from

While preparing to install the OS 4.5 update on my Berry, I was given the opportunity to select which options I wanted to install (or not install) on my device. First to go where the Spanish, French, and Korean language support. And then I noticed that by default, Documents To Go was not an installed option (see below).

Don’t forget to turn Documents To Go on as an install option!

And when you are done with the update, don’t forget to head over to the DataViz website to download the free update to Documents To Go 1.005.

The BlackBerry OS 4.5 update for your device includes a Standard Edition of Documents To Go® v1.000 that lets you open, view and edit native Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files and attachments.

Free Update to v1.005 Available!
Register with DataViz® and download an update for Documents To Go with the following new features.

  • New Sheet To Go application to open, view and edit Microsoft Excel 97-2008 spreadsheets
  • Support for Microsoft Word 2007/2008 documents
  • Support for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2008 presentations
  • Improved rendering speed for PowerPoint slides
  • View tracked changes in word processing documents