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Apple iPod Event – Will Jobs Make an Appearance?

After weeks of rumors and wild speculation by almost everyone, it is clear that on September 9 Apple will be talking about new iPods, iTunes 9, and possibly a hardware or software update to Apple TV.

Interestingly, what has taken on a life of its own is whether or not Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs will take the helm and deliver the presentation and product demos or will Apple chose to bring out SVP of Product Marketing Phil Schiller or COO Tim Cook who took on the role of acting CEO while Mr. Jobs was on his medical leave earlier this year.

Personally, I think there is a 50/50 chance that Mr. Jobs will make an appearance at the event to kick off and wrap up the presentation. If Mr. Jobs doesn’t run the presentation, I would expect to see Mr. Schiller take on the presentation chores as he has done in the past.

The bottom line is that I like watching Steve Jobs hock is ‘wares, but what I’m more interested in is seeing what new features will added to the iPod touch and the Apple TV.

On the top of my list for the iPod touch is the addition of a 3.0MP digital camera and the inclusion of a GPS radio. On the Apple TV front, I’d like to see Apple add a TiVo-like TV show recording feature that will record the show to the local hard disk and then transfer down to iTunes on a Mac or PC. It would be really cool if the exiting Apple TV hardware could do that (since I have one), but I suspect that for a TiV0-like feature to become available on Apple TV, it will require a hardware change to add a line-in connection.

What would you like to see Apple add to the iPod and Apple TV? Let us know in the Comments section below.