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Apple iPhone 7 Plus Unboxing

Last Thursday, I found and purchased my Apple iPhone 7 Plus.  The road to getting it was a bit bumpy, but that is a story for another time.

What follows are my thoughts on purchasing, unboxing, and setting up my new matte black, iPhone 7 Plus 128GB.

 We all knew that supplies of all models of the iPhone 7 Plus were constrained.  It was almost by accident that I rolled out of bed and found stock at Apple New Haven.  I placed my order, setup my pick up window.  It’s time for another road trip for Dad and I to pick up a new iPhone!

Any day I get to wear an Apple t-shirt is a good one in my book!

When I arrived, the New Haven store was busy, but I was whisked in since I had a pick-up reservation.

While we waited, Dad checked out the new Apple Watch Series Two display while I was looking at the new color assortment of iPhone 7 Plus cases.

Jim has my new iPhone 7 Plus brought out from “Backstage” and the fun begins!

When I was ordering, I was torn between the new Jet Black and matte Black colors.  I am very happy with the way that the matte black iPhone 7 Plus looks.  Stunning!

I’m glad my Dad was able to go with me to pick up my new iPhone 7 Plus!