Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Astraware Updates Two Popular Games

Astraware has released a pair of updates for two of their popular Palm OS and Windows Mobile games, Casino and Solitaire.

Astraware Casino updated with 2 new games!

Since the release of Astraware Casino in December 2007, customers have offered excellent feedback and requests for additional features. In response to these, Astraware Casino version 1.10 is now available as a FREE upgrade to registered owners. The new version includes two new games - Video Derby - which is reminiscent of the miniature mechanical horse racing games seen in casinos and arcades, and 3 Card Poker - a variation of poker also known as Tri-card Poker and based on the British card game, Brag. In addition, Astraware Casino now also includes a Repeat Last Bet option in Craps, Roulette, and 3 Card Poker to make it easier for players to repeat the more complex bets in those games.

With new games included in Astraware Casino, players will discover yet more fun trophies to be unlocked and added to their Souvenir Suitcase.

Astraware Casino version 1.10 is available for Palm OS(R) and Windows Mobile(R) smartphones and PDAs. Registered owners can simply download the new version and it will accept their existing registration code. New users can purchase a copy priced $19.95. To download, try or buy, visit

Astraware Solitaire gets an update and romantic Valentine's card backs!

Astraware(R) is pleased to announce an update to Astraware Solitaire which more easily allows the addition of new graphical features like extra card backs and backgrounds.

Whilst players will see no difference in the way the game plays, Astraware Solitaire version 1.20 now includes a different way of handling resources so instead of having multiple special versions of Astraware Solitaire on their devices, players can keep one copy of the game on their device and install seasonal card back sets as they want. Spooky Halloween and seasonal Winter card back sets which were included in special versions of Astraware Solitaire are now available separately, and a brand new Valentine-themed card set is released just in time for the most romantic day of the year.

Version 1.20 of Astraware Solitaire is a FREE upgrade for everyone who already owns any version of the game! Users wishing to upgrade from the standard version of Astraware Solitaire can simply install the new version over the top. Users of Astraware Solitaire Winter or Halloween editions should install the new version and add the card back packs they want.

Astraware Solitaire is available from the Astraware website - New users can purchase a registration code for $19.95.

Existing Astraware Solitaire customers who have version 1.20 installed can jump right to the Solitaire Extras page and start downloading right away.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Can't Wait For My Treo 755p

Foleo Fanatics readers who also listen to my weekly Palm Powered podcast know that I've purchased a blue Treo 755p. And I can't wait for it to get here.

Just today, my Treo 700p (with the 1.10 MR applied) has crashed on me 5 times. Once while surfing the web with Blazer. Again when I was checking the weather. A third time while reading my corporate email. The 700p took break this afternoon while it was sitting idle on my desk. And a fifth time just a few minutes ago when I placed it in my Palm Treo cradle.

Did I mention blue is my favorite color?

Pocket Tunes 4.0.6 Update

I just received and email from NormSoft alerting me that the PocketTunes 4.0.6 upgrade has been released. The 4.0.6 update includes one enhancement and several bug fixes for the 4.x code base.

This is a free upgrade for customers who have purchased PocketTunes 4 or for LifeDrive, TX, Treo 680, Treo 700p, Treo 755p, and Centro customers who have PocketTunes bundled on their devices. Customers who purchased PocketTunes 3.x qualify for special upgrade pricing.

A complete list of PocketTunes 4.x features and fixes is available on the NormSoft website.

You can download the desktop updater or install the update directly on your Internet connected device with the Help > Check for Updates command in PocketTunes. The PocketTunes 4 user guide is also available online.

Friday, January 25, 2008

1SRC Podcast 165

I've posted this week's 1SRC Podcast. This week I cover:

  • Palm is closing all of their retail locations. Photos of the New York City store here and here.
  • Treo 600 and Treo 650 customers will want to read about the Palza Class Action Settlement.
  • Alan is getting a blue Sprint Treo 755p. Don't hate me. Hate the addiction!
  • 1SRC Editorial: The PDA Rebooted.
Listen to the 1SRC Podcast 165 now...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Computer Outlook Show Posted

Last week I was lucky enough to be able to co-host the January 16th Computer Outlook Radio Talk Show with host John Iasiuolo.

If you didn't get a chance to listen to that show live last Wednesday, it is now available for download as a podcast. To listen to the show, visit the Computer Outlook show archive, and click the Play button for the January 16th show.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

PDT 6.2 Sync Journal - Day 3

I've done some more testing, and it is becoming clear that to sync with Palm Desktop, the device must meet the two following conditions:
  • Be a Palm-branded device running Palm OS 5.2.1 or later
  • Be a Palm-branded device with the Palm enhanced PIM applications (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Memos)
The Palm Treo 600 smartphone is the exception to this rule. It runs Palm OS 5.2.1, but it does not use the Palm enhanced PIMs.

If you have an older Palm-branded device, the Treo 600, or some other Palm OS device that runs Palm OS 3.5 or later, you can use HotSync Manager 7.0.2 to sync your device with Microsoft Outlook only.

The following my list of tested devices and their sync status with Palm Desktop 6.2.2. Devices listed as Working should have no problems synchronizing PIM data with Palm Desktop 6.2.2. Devices listed as Outlook Only will only be able to sync data with Microsoft Outlook.

Palm OS 5.4.x Devices
  • Palm Treo 700p - Working
  • Palm Treo 650 - Working
  • Palm TX - Working
  • Palm LifeDrive - Working
  • Palm Tungsten T5 - Working
Palm OS 5.2.x Devices
  • Palm Tungsten T3 - Working
  • Palm Tungsten C - Not Working; Outlook Only
  • Palm Tungsten E - Working
  • Palm Tungsten T2 - Not Working; Outlook Only
Palm OS 5.0 Devices
  • Palm Tungsten T (m550) - Not Working; Outlook Only
  • Sony Clie NZ90 - Not Working, Outlook Only

Saturday, January 19, 2008

PDT 6.2 Sync Journal - Day 2

As I stated yesterday, I'm trying to figure out just what Palm OS devices can sync properly with the new version of Palm Desktop 6.2 by ACCESS. Just so we're clear on the ground rules of my testing, here is what I'm doing.

I'm using an Apple MacBook dual booted into Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2. I'm not running any software emulation or virtualization here. As far as Windows is concerned, it is running on an Intel Core2 Duo processor.

I have installed Palm Desktop 6.2.2 on top of the Beta 1 release (6.2.1). For my testing, I'm trying to HotSync my contacts exported from the HotSync profile of my Treo 700p which is my everyday device. I am only syncing data with Palm Desktop. I am not working with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, or any other enterprise messaging system.

Now that you know what I'm testing, let's talk about what I've tested. The following is the list of devices that I've tested and their status.

Palm OS 5.4.x Devices
  • Palm Treo 700p - Working
  • Palm Treo 650 - Working
  • Palm TX - Working
  • Palm LifeDrive - Working, needed to disable the AddIt conduit
Palm OS 5.2.x Devices
  • Palm Tungsten T3 - Working
  • Palm Tungsten C - Not Working; Address v4.5.1P will not sync data
While I have only tested a handful of devices, it looks like Palm OS devices running Palm's enhanced PIMs are working at this point. Additional testing with older devices like the Tungsten T and T2 will tell me if I'm correct or not. If that is true, Palm Desktop 6.2 should work with any Palm-branded device launched after September 2003, with maybe the exception of the Treo 600.

Friday, January 18, 2008

PDT 6.2 Sync Journal - Day 1

Since the release of Palm Desktop by ACCESS 6.2 for Windows, I've been trying to figure out what, exactly, of Palm's devices work with this new release.

The download page states, as a new feature:
"Integrated Desktop: Provides a single desktop and conduit compatibility across all Palm OS 3.5.x through 5.4.x devices."
The download page also goes on to state in the system requirements section:
"Palm devices:
  • Palm Centro
  • Treo 755p , 700p, 680, 650
  • Palm TX, Z22
  • Tungsten E2"
Not wanting to let this direct conflict go unchallenged, I have decided that I'm going to start testing the devices in my collection of Palm OS devices against Palm Desktop by ACCESS 6.2.

So far, I've be able to HotSync my Treo 700p (Sprint) and my Treo 650 (Verizon) without any trouble. I've also been able to HotSync my Palm TX. But all of those devices are on the supported device list. But what about the LifeDrive, Tungsten T3, m505, and the Handspring Treo 90? What about the Tungsten T, the Palm Vx, and even a Clie NZ-90? I don't know. Keep reading and I'll post my findings as I work through my collection of devices.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

VersaMail Update for Palm Centro

According to the Palm company blog, a new VersaMail client update has been made available for Centro customers.

The latest update, VersaMail 4.0.7, adds enhancements to VersaMail's support for IMAP compatibility with Google's Gmail service. Palm has also rolled in an update for customers who use automatic data synchronization with Microsoft's Direct Push technology when using the Exchange ActiveSync feature in VersaMail.

VersaMail can be downloaded directly to a Centro over the air (OTA) by tapping the following URL:

This update is intended only for the Palm Centro, and will not work on other Palm OS devices, including, the Treo 755p, 700p, or 680.

You can read the upgrade directions on the Palm website.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Palm Desktop by ACCESS 6.2 Goes Live

Palm has released the non-beta version of ACCESS Palm Desktop 6.2 for Windows. This is long awaited news for Windows Vista customers who, for the better part of a year, have had to jump through hoops to get the Palm OS devices to sync with the latest version of Microsoft's Windows operating system.

Before you download and install Palm Desktop by ACCESS, there are a few things you should keep in mind, as this is not the Palm Desktop that you are used to.

1. Palm Desktop 6.2 now works with all Palm OS devices running Palm OS 3.5 and later.

2. ACCESS has added an option to only install the HotSync Manager. Palm Desktop is no longer required.

3. The Palm Quick Install tool has been replaced by the Install Tool. Windows Vista customers will now be able to HotSync Palm OS applications (.prc files) and database files (.pdb) to their devices.

4. Microsoft Outlook 2007 is supported as a Personal Information Manager (PIM) application.

5. Since this application was developed by ACCESS, some things are not the same. The features that are no longer available are:
  • Palm Quick Install tool has been removed (and replaced by the Install Tool)

  • The VersaMail HotSync conduit is no longer available for USB cable HotSyncing.

  • The Birthday and Anniversary fields on your device will not sync to Palm Desktop. (This didn't work on previous versions of Palm Desktop either.)

  • Color coding in the Calendar application no longer works.

  • 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows is not supported.
Additionally, Palm warns on their website, that you check with software developers to make sure that their HotSync conduits are compatible with the new version of the HotSync Manager. Palm also notes that Palm Desktop 6.2 is not compatible with computers that have 2 or more CPUs in them. This is not the same thing as a single CPU with two processing engines, or "Cores" as they are often referred to.

So, for example, if you have a PC that has an Intel Core2 Duo processor, Palm Desktop will work just fine. If you have a PC with two Intel Core2 Duo processor, Palm is warning that Palm Desktop 6.2 won't work.

For more information, and the download directions, visit the Palm website.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Computer Outlook Radio Talk Show - Palm Show

I'll be co-hosting tomorrow's (1/16/08) Computer Outlook Radio Talk Show with host John Iasiuolo. Unfortunately, the regular Palm special interest co-host Justin Nolan has a scheduling issue and asked me to fill in for him this month.

I'm just working up my notes for tomorrow's show and I think you'll like what John and I will have in store for you.

The Computer Outlook Radio Talk Show is all about what's new and what's next in the world of computers and is presented in plain English and without all the "geek speak". The show airs live at 5pm PT simultaneously on AM radio and via an audio steam from the website. The show will also be available later in the week as an MP3 downloadable podcast.

For show details, visit the Computer Outlook Radio Talk Show website.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Palm OS II on Target for 2009

Brighthand Editor-in-Chief Ed Hardy has posted an article earlier today which states that Palm OS II is on target for a 2009 launch.
"Last fall, Palm, Inc.'s new Chairman said his company will release smartphones running a new Linux-based version of the Palm OS in 2009. Last week, a Palm executive told Brighthand that the company is still on track to have the first model out early next year.

Palm, according to Stephane Maes, VP Smartphone Product Marketing, expects to finish work on this operating system late in 2008, and around that same time will begin distributing the tools developers need to create applications, or check compatibility of their current ones, for this new operating system. Naturally, those who are writing the software that will be bundled with the first model will get access to the SDKs well before the general public.

Palm plans to have the first devices running this operating system out early in 2009. Maes says that wireless carriers are already expressing strong interest in Palm OS II -- though he didn't call it that. According to rumor, the internal code-name for this platform is "Nova," but Palm itself hasn't revealed the official name."
Keep reading...


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Palm Treo 755p from Verizon Review

For the past month I have been road testing the new Treo 755p from Verizon Wireless for Gadgets On the Go. The following is my review of the newest Palm Treo smartphone to debut on the Verizon Wireless network.

Body Style

The single biggest improvement that the Treo 755p has to offer over the model it replaces, the Treo 700p, is it’s redesigned body. The 755p now has an internalized antenna bringing it in line with many of the other competing devices on the market today. For many customers, this will be a welcomed and long awaited change.

Palm has also worked to improve the way the Treo feels when you are holding it in your hand. To achieve these improvements, Palm used soft touch paint and changed the contours along the sides. Rather than a convex edge, the sides of the Treo 755p are concave. As a result, the Treo 755p is much easier to hold as you are rushing about your busy day. The Treo 755p is also slimmer and lighter than the 700p, though it is hard to notice the change even with the two devices sitting side-by-side.

Software Enhancements

The Treo 755p is noticeably more stable than the Treo 700p. During the entire month I was using the 755p, the device did not reset once on me. Google Maps is now bundled on the device and has been integrated with the Contacts application. To use the feature, look up an address in a Contacts records, and tap the Map button. You can now quickly obtain directions to locations that are in your contacts database. (If you plan on using this feature, or others that require a connection to the Internet, you will want to purchase a Verizon Wireless data plan in addition to the voice plan.)

For the most part, the software on the Treo 755p felt snappy and responsive. I was able to quickly jump between the preinstalled and third-party applications that I installed on the device. While over-all performance has been improved over the Treo 700p, the Blazer web browser still had a little bit of a lag starting up and closing down.

During my trial period, there where four applications that I either upgraded or installed to enhance my personal productivity. These items are subjective and will vary from user to user. I started off by installing Treoware’s LEDOff utility to over ride the constant blinking of the Verizon Treo’s LED since I prefer the LED to only blink when I need to be alerted to an event. I also installed Tyler Faux’s LudusP utility; which I used to remap the Menu button to the green send button. For me, it is a more natural movement to press the green send button to open a menu when my thumb is on the 5-way navigator than reaching down to the Menu button located in the lower right of the keyboard. Since I use my Treo for writing and note taking, I upgraded the bundled version of DataViz Documents To Go from version 9 Professional to version 10 Premium for Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility. And lastly, since I like to listen to music while I write, I upgraded Normsoft Pocket Tunes from version 3 to version 4.

Read the full review on


The Pink Centro Arrives on Sprint

The pink Palm Centro when public today on the Palm website. As expected, the pink Centro from Sprint has the same product specifications as the previously released black and red Centro smartphones released last year.

I'm glad to see Palm releasing a pink smartphone. Over the last year, I have seen more women toting around smartphones and this phone should help keep sales of the Palm Centro at a brisk pace.

You can order the new pink Palm Centro directly from the Palm online store, the Sprint online store, or from a local Palm or Sprint store.

Passwords Plus Gets Leopard Compatibility

One of the Palm OS software packages that I use every day is Passwords Plus from DataViz. Earlier this month, DataViz released a Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard update for Passwords Plus 1.006 customers.

The latest update to Passwords Plus is compatible with both Palm Desktop 4.2.1 and Mark/Space The Missing Sync (you'll need version 6.0.2).

The Passwords Plus patch download link and full installation directions can be found on the DataViz website.

I'm happy to see that DataViz is still actively supporting their software on both the Palm OS and Macintosh platforms. It shows that DataViz is still committed to their customers who are part of the Palm and Apple user communities. By making this upgrade available, DataViz has helped make my transition back to the Macintosh (from Windows XP) a little bit easier.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rumor: Palm OS is Going Nova

I just saw an article over on Palm InfoCenter indicating that the internal codename of Palm's next generation Linux-based version of Palm OS is being called "Nova."

While I haven't confirmed this yet myself, it looks like I'll be saying good-bye to my old friend "Palm OS II, not 2.0, that's already been done".

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Palm OS JVM...Going, Going, Gone!

It has been a while since I last looked at the Palm blog, and it seems that I did just in time.

This weekend, 1/11/08, will be the last time Palm OS customers will be able to download the IBM WebSphere Micro Environment Java Virtual Machine, or Java JVM.

Power users of the Palm OS platform are already starting to boil over as this engine is the only way to run the Opera Mini web browsers on a Palm OS device.

Palm has not stated the reason for why the download is being pulled from the website, however the company does state that they will continue to support the software via the Palm website. The post does specifically state that Palm will not be able to offer updates or downloads after 1/11/08.

Make sure you download your installer today, because it won't be able for much longer! To help Palm OS users out, this link will take you directly to the software download page, by passing the download form. Please note that the latest version of the Palm OS JVM no longer supports the Tungsten T2, Tungsten W, Zire 71, and earlier Palm OS devices.

IBM Palm OS WebSphere Micro Environment JVM download page...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Is this Drucker?

Did Microsoft's Bill Gates "out" Palm's rumored Treo "Drucker"?

Over the weekend, Gadgets On the Go covered a leaked product roadmap from Vodafone that showed two slides of upcoming Windows Mobile-based Palm Treo smartphones. The high-end device, code named "Drucker" did not have an image. Did Bill Gates, accidentally give us a sneak-peek at the new device rumored to be due out by mid-year?

"Drucker", if the leaked information is to be believed, will include a built-in Wi-Fi radio (a first for Palm), Windows Mobile 6.1, a 320x320 display, Bluetooth 2.0, and a 2.0MP camera.

Photo Credit:

Astraware to join the Handmark family

KANSAS CITY, Mo. USA & KEELE, Staffs. UK - January 7, 2008 12.00 GMT - Handmark and Astraware have announced a new business relationship in which Astraware will become part of the Handmark family.

Handmark and Astraware have worked together on entertainment projects for several years. Astraware undertook development work on the Tetris Handmark major game license, and both companies already offer each others titles on their respective web shops.

Through the new relationship, Astraware will expand its existing UK games development studio to develop new high profile licenses as well as continuing work on original titles. In addition to Palm OS(R) and Windows Mobile(R), Astraware will release their first titles for Symbian(R) S60(R) and UIQ(R) in the first quarter of 2008, and will add games for BlackBerry(R) devices later in the year.

"We recognize the genius of the mobile gaming pioneers who created Astraware and welcome them to the Handmark family," said Paul Reddick, Handmark CEO. "We share a passion for delivering superior mobile experiences."

"For over 10 years, Astraware has successfully created some of the best mobile gaming brands in the industry, building a company through unparalleled focus on quality and customer satisfaction," said Howard Tomlinson, co-founder and CEO of Astraware. "I am excited to be joining forces with Handmark and we will be able to focus our experience and talent on creating games across more platforms, and together we will become one of the most powerful forces in the mobile gaming industry."

Friday, January 4, 2008

Palm Store Specials - Ends 1/6/08

I normally don't talk about the sales that Palm runs on their online store, but I'm going to make an exception here.

Palm is running an online sale until the end of the day on January 6, 2008. The sale items includes a new Palm TX handheld for $299 along with a free Palm hard case (valued at $40); and Palm's ChatterEmail for $29.95 (regularly $39.95). According to the Palm software store details page, ChatterEmail was last updated on 12/17/07. No details have been posted on the website as to what has been changed or updated in the latest release of ChatterEmail.

Palm customers looking to upgrade their handheld (or add a spare one) should consider doing so now and get the free case. (Last month, Palm was offering a free IR wireless keyboard.) Customers who are looking for an upgrade from VersaMail to gain full support for the new Gmail IMAP feature or background email processing (as found in VersaMail 4.0 on the Palm Centro) will want to purchase ChatterEmail while it is still on sale.

The Palm TX promotion can be viewed here, while the Palm ChatterEmail savings can be found here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

NYPC PalmPilot SIG on January 9th

I received the following note from Grace and Ted about this month's upcoming NYPC PalmPilot SIG. I really do need to get down to the city for one of these meetings.


Because of the New Year holiday, we've rescheduled the PalmPilot SIG
meeting for Wednesday, January 9th.

Best wishes for the holidays and a happy 2008!

All the best,
Ted and Grace

NYPC PalmPilot SIG
Grace Lee & Ted Cohn, Co-Chairs