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You’ll Get a Larger iPhone When We Don’t Have to “Trade-Off”

Mockup of iPhone with 4.94-inch screen, created by Marco Arment –

During today’s Apple quarterly earnings conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked about the iPhone maker’s plans for a larger screened smartphone.

“We would not ship a larger display iPhone while these trade-offs exist,” Cook said during his company’s quarterly earnings conference call on Tuesday.

I kinda have to agree with AppleInsider’s article. Apple CEO Tim Cook won’t ship a larger sized iPhone until the screen is ready. In my mind, that means being able to to a 5″-ish sized screen sporting Retina display quality in yields that can be sustained in a high quantity to sustain a global launch over to calendar quarters.

In other words, the iPhone 5S will be the same tall 4″ screen seen on the iPhone 5 and a larger 5”-ish screen will appear in 2014 on the iPhone 6.