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Windows Mobile 6 Treo 750 Now Available in the US

Earlier today Palm issued two press releases indicating that US customers can now use Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6 Professional operating system on their smartphones. This will be welcomed news for AT&T customers who have been waiting a long time (but not as long as Treo 700p customers) for their operating system upgrades.

Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional for AT&T Wireless Customers

The first press release was to announce that the Treo 750 Updater 2.25 for AT&T customers. This update brings Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional to AT&T and Cingular branded Treo 750 smartphones.

There are a number of enhancements in this upgrade, including:

  • HSDPA support for faster data network connections
  • Improved support for the Calendar application
  • Enhanced support for HTML based email messages
  • Microsoft Windows Vista compatibility
  • Internet connection sharing
  • Better security and IT policies support
  • USB cable charging

It is important that you read and understand the upgrade directions before attempting this upgrade. The one download limit is also being enforced (you will need your Treo 750’s serial number handy) with the US version of the upgrade as has been the case with previously released international releases. It is a good idea to backup your Windows Mobile 6 upgrade installer before attempting the upgrade.

The complete features list, upgrade documentation, and downloads can be found on the Palm website.

Download the Treo 750 Updater 2.25

Unlocked Treo 750 Now Available in the US

The second press release from Palm was to announce that an unlocked Treo 750 is now available for purchase from directly from the Palm website or retail locations.

Today’s press release reads, in part:

“The Treo 750 offers the hallmark Palm experience in a multifunction phone with access to email, Palm’s exclusive threaded text messaging, web browsing and organization software all in a compact design. Added features such as Windows Live increases communication capabilities by letting users send voice recordings via Live Messenger and integrating Outlook and Live Contacts to show who is online directly from the Contacts screen. The device is compatible with HSDPA, allowing faster data-download speeds on 3G/UMTS/HSDPA networks.”

The unlocked Treo 750 retails for $549USD.

Read the complete press release

For more details about the new unlocked Palm Treo 750, visit the Palm website.