Welcome to Foleo Fanatics!

Earlier this week Palm founder, Jeff Hawkins, took the wraps off of what I believe is the beginning of a new exciting platform, the Palm Foleo.

Right now, Palm is positioning the Foleo to be a mobile companion to the Treo smartphone. Later on, Palm hopes to work with other mobile phone manufactures to add support for Foleo.

What really interests me is that the Foleo runs a version of the Linux operating system. Palm has committed to releasing a software development kit, or SDK, at the same time the Foleo begins shipping. I believe that the same enterprising spirit that helped build up the original Palm Pilot will help drive the enhancement and extension of the Foleo from a mobile companion to a user accessible, portable computing platform…with or without a mobile phone.

The Palm Foleo will begin shipping “later this summer.” Until then, keep checking back for news and information about this exciting new product from Palm.

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