Welcome Back PalmGear.com!

PalmGear.com, one of the early staples in the Palm ecosystem, returned to service today under new management.

PalmGear.com, was shutdown earlier this year by parent company, Motricity. and customer accounts were migrated to sister site, PocketGear.com. During the process, many freeware and shareware applications disappeared while most commercial Palm OS software was rolled into PocketGear site.

Under new management, lead by a former Motricity executive, PalmGear.com has gone back online in all it’s former glory. To help celebrate the return of PalmGear.com to the Palm community, a 20% discount promotion is in effect for all of the software being sold on the site. During check out, use the coupon code “NEWOWNERS”. The code will remain in effect until September 14th, 2008.

I’m glad to see PalmGear.com return. I do hope that the PalmGear brand can be rebuilt by the new owners. I’m even more excited that I don’t have to deal with the old PocketGear.com site that I griped about in my 1SRC Editorial, “Adios, Motricity.” And while I have yet to receive a “welcome back” email that I suggested in the editorial, I have confirmed that my old PalmGear.com account is still in effect providing me access to all of the great Palm OS software and license codes that I had previously purcased.

Welcome back, PalmGear! We’ve missed you.