Verizon Corporate Customers Gain Access 700p MR

I saw the following on PalmInfoCenter earlier today:

“Over a year after the phone’s launch, the long-awaited ROM Maintenance Release for the Verizon version of the Treo 700p is finally being rolled out to certain Verizon Wireless corporate stores. In an odd twist deviating from Palm’s usual support practices, Verizon has sent the 700p 1.10 ROM out on SD cards to select corporate stores for Verizon service technician use only. At this point in time, no user-installable version of this update is available nor has a download been leaked.”

I wonder what the hold up is for the general availability release of the Verizon 700p MR on the Palm website. I haven’t had any trouble applying the 700p MR using the SD card on my Sprint Treo. Hopefully my fellow Verizon Treo 700p customers will be able got get the many bug fixes included in this update.

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