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To Pre or Not To Pre

It’s Tuesday night, and the Pre goes on sale in just 4 days; Saturday morning at 8:00am. The question is, are we going to Pre or not? Palm webOS looks like a fantastic mobile operating system; the kind that Palm OS users have been waiting years for.

For as cool as the Pre is, I’m still worried about the form factor. After having used the Tungsten T, T2, and T3, I’ve decided that I’m calling it quits with the slider design. (I spent more time with the device’s slider open than not. So much so that it became a pain to deal with.) I’m also concerned that 8GB just isn’t enough storage space for a device that we now know that will sync directly with Apple’s iTunes jukebox software. (A 16GB Pre or a Pre with a microSD card slot would have made me feel better.)

At the end of the day, does the feature richness of Palm webOS win the day? Or will my hang ups about the hardware cause me to shy away from the device?

Right now, I’m on the fence. I can totally see myself in line at the local Sprint store at 6:00am to get a new Pre. Then again, with the rumors running rampant on the Internet that Sprint retail locations and big box stores are going to have less than six devices in stock is really putting a damper on things. Why get up at 5am to get in line at a store that may not even have a Pre smartphone in stock?

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