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Tim Cook Speaks at Goldman Sachs Conference

Earlier today, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke at Goldman Sachs technology conference.  If you missed the event, like me, you can still read a transcript of the Q&A session with Cook thanks to the efforts of the good folks over at

“Apple is this unique culture and unique company. You can’t replicate it. I’m not going to witness or permit the slow undoing of it. I believe in it so deeply.  

Steve grilled in all of us over many years, the company should revolve around great products. We should stay extremely focused on a few things, rather than try to do so many that we did nothing well. We should only go into markets where we can make a significant contribution to society, not just sell a lot of products.”

How can you not love Apple’s products?  Like Apple or not, the company is in good hands and will continue to lead the technology sector for years to come.  I’d think Steve would approve.

You can read the full Q&A transcript on