This Post is Not a Rant (But It Could Have Been)

This post is not a rant about freemium games, in app purchases, or ads in games.

Oh, it was.  I was on a roll about how annoying freemium games are, games that are free to download, install, and play and then encourage you to purchase power ups, new levels or show you an ad exactly at the wrong moment.

I was about to go off on Rovio for Angry Birds: Friends.  I’m competitive and pitting my bird flinging skills against my friends and family is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

But the ads when you reset a level, and now the inclusion of new video ads, really put me over the top and I was about to give both barrels to Rovio for not giving me an in app purchase way to get rid of the ads…until I found out that they did.

So, this is a much tamer post to simply say that if you enjoy playing Angry Birds: Friends, and want to get rid of the ads, all you need to do is do an in app purchase for the gold coin pack that costs $2.99.

That’s it.  For a reasonable $2.99 you can disable the ads.  Hopefully if enough fans pay the $2.99 that will give the developers enough bird seed to keep making great Rovio games for us.

You can download Angry Birds: Friends for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch from the App Store (link).