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The Apple Watch – Part Two: Unboxing the Sport Edition

After going through all of the pre-Watch hoopla of waking up early in the morning to order and then try on a Watch at a local Apple Store, and a seemingly unbearable two week period of waiting, my Apple Watch Sport Edition finally arrived.

This is the second part of my Apple Watch coverage.  If you haven’t already done so, you can read The Apple Watch – Part One: Announcement, Pre-Order and Try Ons.

Here are my unboxing photos of my Apple Watch.

Detail of the box top
Description of the contents
Unpacking the exterior box
Unpacking the Apple Watch Sport Edition
Apple Watch Sport Edition on interior felt lined box case top

Unpacking the information and resize band sleeve
Booting up the Apple Watch
Language selection screen
Beginning the iPhone paring process
Pairing is done by “scanning” the pattern with the iPhone Watch app
iPhone and Watch Paring process is complete
All synced up and ready to go
Now that my Apple Watch Sport Edition has been paired with my iPhone 6, it’s time to start using it day-to-day.