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T-Mobile To Sell Black iPhone/iPod/iPad Cable

Despite all the shenanigans caused by a recent post at about T-Mobile selling Apple’s iPhone 4G, does anyone else think that a black Apple sync/charge cable is cool?  A white cable looks good with a white iPod or with the mythical white iPhone 4G.  But a white cable with a black iPod Classic, iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad just doesn’t seem right.

The T-Mobile cable is intended for European T-Mobile customers who are traveling State side and is expected to sell for $14.99.  (In Germany, T-Mobile is a non-exclusive carrier of the iPhone.)  I can’t say that if I happened pass a T-Mobile store that has this cable that I won’t pick one up.

The bottom line: So far, AT&T is still the only game in town for an iPhone.  Verizon has all but been confirmed to start selling the iPhone 4G in early 2011.  No word at this time if T-Mobile or Sprint will ever end up ironing out a deal with Apple to sell the iPhone.

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