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Stung by the Still “Missing” Foleo

It has been about 9 months since Palm canceled the Foleo Mobile Companion, and yet there are still traces of it to be found online.

I was over on the TealPoint website looking for more information about their TealSafe application and then I found this page, which reminded me that the Foleo is still MIA. If you scroll down, you can still see a list of the software that Teal was working on for the Foleo; 9 titles in all.

I really can’t wait until Palm gets the Foleo II out the door loaded up with Palm OS II.


  • Anonymous

    I don’t care what all the Foleo detractors say, to me the Foleo is just about the ultimate form-factor for this type of device. The Eee PC is a bit too small to really excite me. Hopefully the Foleo II will offer the same size display as the original.I’m restricted to dialup internet until DSL becomes available in my area. I’m hoping the Foleo II arrives right when high-speed does, and I can experience this cool unit. Important functions to me would be ability to save web pages and images to a documents folder, plus being able to save text files selected from web text. I don’t know if the original Foleo had these capabilities.

  • Alan Grassia, Staff Writer

    I didn’t text to see if the Opera browser for the Foleo had the ability to save graphics. I do know that the Foleo did allow you to copy/cut and paste data. So you would be able to copy data from a web page and then paste it into Documents To Go for the Foleo and save it out that way.Alan G