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Sprint/Nextel Releases MR2 for BlackBerry 8350i

Late on Friday afternoon, Sprint/Nextel released Maintenance Release 2 (MR2) for the Nextel BlackBerry 8350i.

Shortly after it’s initial release, issues where discovered with the long awaited Nextel phone. Sprint and RIM are finally showing 8350i customers some love with MR2. According to a post on Sprint’s discussion forums, MR2 addresses the following issues:

  • Echo Issue
  • MMS Improvements
  • 1.) Remove original message when replying*
  • 2.) Cursor now defaults to the message body when replying

* Quiet and Vibrate Profiles will move Nextel Direct Connect calls to handset

Customers that have already upgraded to the (225) software version will be able to complete this upgrade over the air. The upgrade will take approximately 60 minutes.

That’s good news. However, a few hours after releasing MR2, Sprint discovered that a service book update after the device software update was still required.

“The one issue we said would be fixed with MR2 that was not immediately fixed was: Remove Original Message when replying to a text message. This fix requires the download of MR2 and a service book push to your device. Sprint conducted some additional testing on the service book push this week and today sent approval to RIM.

When this fix is available RIM will push it to all devices and it will just require you to reset your device to see the change.

We estimate this push to be out by April 10.”

So it sounds like Sprint/Nextel customers who have the BlackBerry 8350i should hold off applying the update until at least this coming Friday, April 10th. If you are one of the brave readers who have forged ahead with this update, let us know how you made out by leaving a comment.

BlackBerry Device Software (316) [aka MR2] can be downloaded directly from the Sprint BlackBerry 8350i downloads page. You can also download the latest edition of the BlackBerry Desktop software 4.7 and the older BlackBerry Device Software update [aka MR1] from the same page.


  • htc repair service

    We don't have IT Policies in place or anything that could possibliy block this. Don't seem to have any issues anywhere either on the Outlook side or the BESX server… so looking for help.. Maybe MR2 didn't help the sync issues, but it certainly didn't cause them… This has been happening since the start. Just finally got annoyed about it and decide to try and fix this.

  • cellphoneinn

    Messaging is handled as cleanly as you can ask any device this size to process the media. It's routes several of my e-mail accounts as well as chat, SMS and MMS into one neat message box so you can quickly see what going on.
    Apps on the BB work very well, I don't know what the one guy was talking about not getting NFL Live, I have it, it's there, works great. If you don't wanna use the BB apps, Google already has a bunch that integrate very well.