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Rumor: Treo 800w Reference Image

The folks over at are running an story about a possible design image of the Treo 800w that was leaked on the Internet.

Since this is a still a rumor all the information needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Not much is known about the Treo 800w at this point. Some are claiming that there will be a new data port on the device that is different from the Athena Multiconnector currently being used on many of Palm’s Treo and handheld PDA products. Some are saying that the new data port will be a mini-USB port. Others are talking built-in Wi-Fi. Of all the rumored specifications, we can probably safely bet on a 320×320 display and Windows Mobile 6 Professional. Anything beyond that is speculation.

Looks like Treo 800w Silly Season is in full swing.

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