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Rumor: Palm Working on New Smartphones for Verizon, Sprint

I’m still catching up on the week’s news after having spent most of last week on vacation. has two screen shots posted that indicate that Palm is working on new devices headed for Verizon and Sprint.

Speculation is that Verizon and Palm could be working on bringing both the Pre and the Eos (aka: Pixie).

“What’s important to you is that there are two Palm devices listed in this inventory system. Yes, two: the Palm P101VZW and Palm P121VZW. Considering that we know the Sprint Pre to be the P100, it seems reasonable to assume that the P101 is the Pre for Verizon, though we have no clue if the number bump means that the hardware has been changed. And P121? There’s only one other upcoming Palm device that we’ve heard of, and that’s the Eos, presumably the P121 indeed will be the smaller slate-style webOS phone.”

On the Sprint front, the screen shot shows three devices: the P100 (the currently shipping Pre), the P120, and the C40. Popular opinion is that P120 is either a hardware refresh of the current Pre (more memory anyone?) or is the Eos candy bar webOS device that will take hardware queues from the Centro and the Treo Pro.

What the C40 might be is anyone’s guess. It could be a new Windows Mobile phone. It could be a new webOS phone. Or, dare I even mention it, the C40 could be something else entirely with an EVDO radio built in to it. (cough Foleo II cough netbook cough)

One thing is for sure; we will have our answers one way or another in due time.