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Rumor: New iPhone Models Coming In August

It seems that rumors and hushed whispers are always going on these days about future Apple products and I’ve become more skeptical of them as time goes on.
That said, I do catch myself getting a little excited about news of the next iPhone, rumored to be the ‘iPhone 5S’.
The latest rumor de jure is that the iPhone 5S will be going on sale in August, 2013.  That is not as late in the year as October, when my iPhone 4S went on sale, and later than June when older models went on sale.  It’s also later than some of the rumors that put the launch date in late May or early June.
As with most of these rumors, they come from somewhere deep in Apple’s supply chain and come to us via websites that we can’t read without running it through Google’s translators, so take all of this with a grain of salt.
In addition to the iPhone 5S, the rumor also goes on to say that the often rumored in expensive iPhone designed for ’emerging markets’ will also begin shipping with a body made out of polycarbonate – the same material Apple’s retired white MacBooks were made out of.