Rumor: New Centro Details – Updated

(Updated 9/9/07 @ 4:15pm)

Palm InfoCenter has some new rumored details about the upcoming device rumored to be launching on October 14th on the Sprint network.

Kris Keilhack writes:

“Based on the preliminary specifications, strong software bundle, and rumored $99 price point, the Centro appears to be a far better value proposition than its pricier 755p sister device in the Sprint lineup. Even if the Centro lacks Documents To Go, PTunes Deluxe is a superb choice to be bundled the device, especially if Palm is targeting the media-savvy youth market with this release. Previously leaked photos have confirmed that the Centro uses the updated Phone app first seen on the Treo 680 and not included on the Treo 755p. Earlier reports also indicated that the Centro will have EVDO Rev. A but this has not yet been confirmed at this time.”

If this is true, I’m glad to see Palm including a full version of Pocket Tunes (pTunes) Deluxe with this new device. It is something that I have been advocating for a while now. All indications are that the Centro is intended to be a consumer device and not one targeted for business customers. In this context, I support the move to remove Documents To Go from the preinstalled applications list. I do wonder if the Documents To Go Viewer application will be loaded on the device. The Documents To Go Viewer application was a special read-only viewer that appeared on the Treo 600 to allow customers to view Word and Excel attachments from inside VersaMail.

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The website PhoneNews.com appears to be corroborating the information from the Palm InfoCenter article.

More details via PhoneNews.com


  • Dwight

    I was intending to get one because it was a relatively small, low-cost way of connecting my Foleo to the Internet. Without the Foleo, the Centro has much less appeal to me.

  • Alan Grassia, Staff Writer

    The Centro is interesting and it looks like it is going to have a good mix of consumer oriented software preloaded on it.I’m less interested in Centro than I am about the business class Treos. I’ll be interested in jumping to the next Palm OS smartphone. I just can’t justify the $650 for a Treo 755p when I have a Treo 700p now.Alan G

  • Jodi Hansen

    I am also more interested in the business class Treos. I still have a Treo 650. The only upgrade option in Australia is the Treo 680. We do not have the Treo 700p or Treo 755p since CDMA is being phased out here. GSM will also be phased out in 2010, all networks here are implementing 3G. I need a 3G Treo (with Palm OS)….so I am eagerly awaiting the new Linux OS so as we can see some Treos with Palm OS and 3G.

  • Alan Grassia, Staff Writer

    I have no idea what Palm OS phone is coming after the Treo 755p. I’m fairly confident, as I’m sure you already know, Palm OS 5 can’t do true 3G as it requires, if I understand this correctly, simultaneous voice and data connections. This just isn’t possible in Palm OS 5 today.In a pinch, a Treo 680 might work for you, as long as the camera patch is applied, but with a new Palm OS Treo with the Linux OS likely shipping in 2008, I’d stick with the Treo 650 for as long as possible.Alan G