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Rumor: iPad 3 Logic Board Poses for the Camera

Is this the new logic board for the iPad 3 that is expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks?  Many people believe that the next Apple CPU would be the “A6,” but that may not be true.

“[I]f this photo is to be believed, that assumption appears to have been incorrect, with Apple instead having branded the upgraded package with the A5X name. 

A date code of “1146” on the A5X indicates that it was manufactured in the 46th week of 2011, which would have corresponded to November 14-20. 

An “A5X” as a step-wise upgrade to the A5 corresponds with progression of processor part numbers as revealed by BGR in February. At the time the A4 was known to be the S5L8930X, the A5 as the S5L8940X and the new iPad processor as S5L8945X.”

Apple is widely expected to introduce the iPad 3 at a media event on March 7.