Ruby Centro Goes on Sale

The ruby red Centro, Palm’s consumer oriented smartphone, goes on sale starting this Sunday. Until now, it was only available in black.

Preliminary reports posted to the Internet suggest that the Centro has been selling well in the few weeks it has been available. We won’t have official Centro sales numbers for a while yet. The ruby Centro will sell for the same price as the black one; $99.99 with a new 2-year service agreement and a $100 mail in rebate. You can purchase a Centro at Sprint and Palm retail stores or on the web from Palm’s online store.

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  • BaDZeD

    Centro is a great phone, I wish either Sprint or Palm would advertize it properly though (and not leave it up to incompetent store clerks)

  • BaDZeD

    Unfortunately I only saw the Centro ad on YouTube, I am yet to see it on TV. Meanwhile the Razr2 ads are all over the place (even on the Russian TV, which I watch through the internet). I understand that Palm is nowhere the size of Motorola, but Sprint could have promoted the Centro more vigorously (you sure see the “Sprint Speed” commercial often enough)This is a really great device, I only experienced 2 resets so far (both caused by me) and I really want to see it succeed in the marketplace, especially with the holiday season upon us.