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Palm OS 5 Emulation Coming to webOS is reporting that Palm indeed does have an ace up their sleeves for their new webOS mobile operating system that will debut on the Pre smart(er)phone.

“I just finished getting a great Palm Pre app walkthrough from Palm (video coming soon!), but this couldn’t wait for the upload to finish. There was one app that Palm didn’t want to talk about (but we suspect will be revealed tonight) the “Classic” icon you see above with a logo of a Palm device and a decidedly “Mac OS 9 Classic” feel to it.

Don’t blink: Palm looks as though they are going to support PalmOS apps on the Pre and webOS via some sort of emulation app!”

PreCentral also reports that the emulation layer is being provided by MotionApps. The Classic icon is the third icon in the third column.

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Given the fact that today is April 1, you might write this off as an April Fool’s Day joke. The folks at PreCentral are on record as saying this is no joke. I’m really looking forward to this development and taking the new emulation environment out for a spin.

[Thanks to my anonymous tipster for the heads up.]

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  • BaDZeD

    Great News!!PalmOS emulator is most likely a native linux app which means there might be more native apps to come 🙂