Palm Desktop for Vista Beta Released

Palm has released a beta version of Palm Desktop intended for use with Microsoft Windows Vista only. The new version of Palm Desktop is version 6.2 and includes HotSync Manager 7.0.

Palm Desktop v6.2 is a beta release, which means that the software may still have bugs in it. Palm is releasing the software early so that customers using Windows Vista have a way to HotSync their Palm with their computer. Palm Desktop v6.2 supports the following Palm devices:

  • Treo 755p, 700p, 680, 650
  • Tungsten E2 (aka “E2”)
  • Z22, TX

All other Palm OS devices, including the Tungsten T5, Tungsten T3, Zire 71, Tapwave Zodiac, Garmin iQue, and Sony Clie are not supported.

Palm Desktop v6.2, like all previous versions of Palm Desktop is a free download from the Palm website.

I strongly encourage you to read the documentation before you attempt to install Palm Desktop v6.2 on your Windows Vista computer. You should also backup your Palm with an application like NVBackup before attempting the upgrade. Windows XP users should not install this update, and should continue to use Palm Desktop v4.2 or v4.1.4/4.1.4e.

Download Palm Desktop v6.2 for Windows Vista