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New York City Apple Stores

Yesterday I was in New York City, in Manhattan, New York.  It just so happened to be the iPhone 4S launch day.

Grand Central Terminal Apple Store

I hate driving into The Big Apple, so I took a commuter train into Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal (GCT).  Up on the main concourse, we can see that the GCT Apple Store is under construction.  You will also note that not only the back balcony is consumed by the new store, you can see that the store will also wrap around to the left wall.  It is impossible to gauge how far along the new store is with the black blockers up.  Grand Central is a noisy place, but I didn’t hear any heavy construction underway when I was standing at the bottom of the stair case.  I hope to make another trip into New York City before the end of the year to check out the new store when it opens.

Fifth Avenue Apple Store

The Fifth Ave Apple Store is the first Apple Store in Manhattan that I visited.  I’ve since been to several of the others.  You’ll recall that the Fifth Ave store is the one that has the gigantic glass cube marking the entrance to the store.  Apple is currently renovating the cube and has decided to continue to keep the popular store open during the construction.

The Fifth Ave store is always busy, but throw in the iPhone 4S launch and you’ve got a mob scene!  The following are two photos that I look of the line waiting to get into the store to buy a new iPhone 4S.

Despite the busy nature of the store, I did go inside to purchase a dock ($29.00) for my new iPhone 4S and received the same superior customer service that is expected from a shopping experience at an Apple Store.

Steve Jobs Fan Memorial

With people still shocked from the sudden passing of Apple Chairmen of the Board, Steve Jobs, people are still leaving tokens on the steps of the Fifth Ave Apple Store.  Mr. Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011.

To find an Apple Store near you, visit the Apple website.