New Toy: Apple Battery Charger

I found myself in Albany, NY yesterday afternoon and I “accidentally” stumbled across the Crossgates Mall, which, as you may already know, is home to an Apple Store.  How fortunate for me!

Anyway, I can’t stop at a mall that has an Apple Store and not go in.  This trip wasn’t too bad and I only purchased the Apple Battery Charger.

The Apple Battery Charger comes with the charging unit that has the same styling and finish as other Apple power adapters and chargers.  The plug is removable and accepts the cord from a MacBook charger or a different adapter from the Apple World Travel Kit.

The charger kit also includes six non-Apple branded NiMH batteries.  That is enough batteries to operate my old style Apple Bluetooth Keyboard (the all plastic one with the attached numeric key pad) and my Apple Bluetooth Mighty Mouse.

Unlike other rechargeable battery kits, Apple does not sell batteries separately from the charger.  That’s a downer for me, as my kids go through batteries in the Wii Remotes like water.  The Apple sales rep I talked to said that I would have to buy a second kit if I wanted more batteries; something I do plan on doing in the near future.

While checking out, the Apple rep told me that the batteries will last for 10 years I claim that I wasn’t going to hold them to and is something that I’m sure I’ll forget about by the end of year three.

The Apple Battery Charger kit sells for $29.00 from Apple’s retail and online stores.