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New Name, Expanding Smartphone Coverage

Today is both an ending and a beginning. After long and careful deliberation, it is time to say goodbye to “Foleo Fanatics.” In the year since Palm canceled the Foleo Mobile Companion it has become increasingly evident that the Foleo, in it’s original configuration and name, will never be released.

The Foleo unit that I was able to use, even for a short while, showed amazing potential and I’m still looking for something to replace it.

However, the time has come to look beyond the Foleo and, starting today, Foleo Fanatics has become Smartphone Fanatics.

Smartphone Fanatics will continue where Foleo Fanatics has left off, providing you with the same great coverage of the Palm user community. We also plan on expanding our coverage beyond Palm’s products. Moving forward, look for increasing coverage of Windows Mobile devices from great vendors like High Tech Computng (HTC). We will also be covering the exciting new BlackBerry smartphones coming out of Research In Motion (RIM). And, lastly, we also plan to cover everybody’s favorite entertainment device, the Apple iPhone.

Welcome to Smartphone Fanatics!

Alan Grassia


  • Bill

    Alan:Good luck with your new site. I am still following you on 1src Podcasts, but miss you weekly show.Have stayed loyal to Palm with my TX which I believe is better than the iPod Touch. Also have a Blackberry Curve, so 2 of your coverage are relevant to me.Again, good luck!

  • Alan Grassia, Staff Writer

    Hey, Bill, glad to hear that you’re still out there!I miss the weekly 1SRC shows also. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting up another podcast for the “off” weeks, but I’m enjoying my new found freedom too much right now.My current smartphone is the Treo 755p. If I had to go get a new phone today, it would probably be the BlackBerry Curve.Hey; great minds think alike!Be good and stay safe,Alan G

  • brian

    Best of luck with the new site, Alan. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts over the past year or more, and look forward to the good stuff yet to come.Currently a Treo 755p user as well.