More Foleo Questions Answered

TreoCentral has a new thread running of questions to ask at this week’s Palm Foleo sneak peek events. (I will be attending the New York event.)

You can read the entire thread here. If you are one of those people that likes to read the last chapter of a mystery novel first, you can cut to chase and read this post (post #3). The following is just a short excerpt from the TreoCentral thread.

How do I transfer a file from Foleo to Treo? SD card? BT?

At the moment, SD card and USB thumb drives are the best bet. However, our third party Avvenue has a nice service that lets you get access to files on your PC or Mac over the web. The Bluetooth connection is currently only used to talk to your paired phone.

Security features? Physical lock slot? Password protection?

No lock slot. There is optional password protection at turn-on time, and you can set the password to be disabled if your paired smartphone is nearby and within Bluetooth range.

Does mailto: URL in browser integrate with mail app?


Battery life on standby? Indefinite?

It lasts a very long time. We designed it so if we ship it from the factory with a full charge, it should still have enough juice to be setup when you get it from the Palm store. I’ve left a unit alone for a month and still been able to turn it on and use it. Of course, this all can vary depending on individual battery quality, the amount of use the device has had, and user settings.

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Thanks to the folks who emailed me this tip.


  • Alan Grassia, Staff Writer

    The answer was “At the moment, SD card and USB thumb drives are the best bet.”So if you want to exchange data with the Treo you have to use the SD card or other method of moving information around such as an email to yourself of via the use of the Avvenu service.While Palm refuses to call the Foleo a computer, it is just that. And if you want to load up the Foleo’s storage (SD card or CF card) with data from, say your computer, you can use a USB flash drive to do that. May of us already carry flash drives around anyway.Alan G