Metaviewsoftware Twitter Client for Palm OS

Clemens Schuchert, the host of the PUGcast – Sync Your Ears podcast, has a new article posted about a new Twitter client for Palm OS-based PDA handhelds and smartphones that is under development. Kind of timely since Smartphone Fanatics has recently started a Twitter feed as @spf360.

Mr. Schuchert writes:

“Metaviewsoft is currently working on a full featured twitter client for the PalmOS platform. For less than a week the Berlin based software brewery has implemented the twitter core functions and is doing some tricky API usage to display your tweets and those of your your subscriptions nicely on the PalmOS screen. I say PalmOS screen rather than Treo’s or Centro’s Screen, because reducing it to smartphones would not be fully true. Due to the fact that the new twitter client “2TwitMe” do support screen rotation it will surely become the first choice for all the PalmTX’ out there very soon, because of the built-in WLAN functionality, it’s bigger screen, a gorgeous on-screen-thumbboard replacement, etc.”

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