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Mark/Space Introduces Missing Sync Business Edition

Mark/Space has just informed us that they have released The Missing Sync Business Edition.

The Missing Sync Business Edition is a premium service being provided by Mark/Space that gives corporate customers some nice perks. Customers who opt to by a Business Edition license will receive:

  • A license to install the Missing Sync desktop software on two computers
  • Software upgrades and updates for the year
  • Access to the software upgrade subscription page
  • Priority email support with a 4-hour response window with priority queuing

I like that Mark/Space has included, along with their other services, a license to install the desktop software on two computers. It is always a dilemma for corporate IT departments and business customers to justify extra software licenses for second computers whether they are a corporate issued desktop and notebook, or company computer and a home computer. With the Business Edition of The Missing Sync, customers and IT shops are able to legally install any of the Missing Sync desktop software editions on two computers.

The Missing Sync desktop software is available for BlackBerry, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Nokia and Symbian smartphones.

The Missing Sync Business Edition is available now and sells for $89.95 and can be purchased from the Mark/Space online store.