Management Change Up at Palm?

I noticed while reading the July 1 posted SEC Form 4 filing for Palm Founder Jeff Hawkins today that he is now listed as “Former Officer.” This is in stark contrast to the listing of “Founder and Member of the Exec” that was listed on the Form 4 that was posted on June 16.

What Does This Mean?

A quick trip to the Palm website still lists Mr. Hawkins as being part of the Palm management team with the title of “Founder”. I attempted to contact Palm’s public relations department earlier today to obtain a clarification as to Mr. Hawkins’ relationship with the company. As yet, Palm has not responded to that email.

As you may recall, Palm isn’t the only business that Mr. Hawkins is involved with. In 2005, Mr. Hawkins started a new company called Numenta to “apply neuroscience research to computing problems.” It is entirely possible that Mr. Hawkins is simply putting more time into this other passion, the study of the human brain.

I will provide updates as more information is made available.


  • bulls96

    update us with this Alan… i too am curious.I am not at all surprised if JH did leave the company, he’s been selling his stock options like craze the past year or so…I would definitely be disheartened though if he left. He is the man with the Vision in Palm.