John Chen Becomes BlackBerry CEO

John Chen, BlackBerry’s best chance at a come back in the smartphone arena, has been named the struggling smartphone maker’s permanent CEO.

Ian Austen, writing for the New York Times Bits blog:

“After earnings, and again in meetings with media and analysts at C.E.S., John said that he would be BlackBerry’s C.E.O. until the company is back on solid financial footing,” Mr. Emery wrote. “The search for a CEO has been put on the back burner for now.”

That is some welcomed news for BlackBerry, it’s investors, users, and fans.  The question of whether Mr. Chen can really pull off the turn around is still yet to be seen, however, he clearly likes a challenge and righting this ship is right up his alley.

If you might recall, another well noted tech industry was able to right his ship after becoming the “iCEO” of Apple on January 5, 2000.

[Via NY Times Bits blog…]