IT Business Edge Foleo Article

Rob Enderle has written an good editorial over on on the state of computing, and discusses how an idea like the Palm Foleo can play a role in the transformation of computing. Mr. Enderle writes:

“The Promise of Foleo

You shouldn’t look at Foleo as a done product. It isn’t. Much like the first Palm Pilot, smartphone, or PC, this is the beginning of what could be a major change. Palm doesn’t have all of the parts, many are being created by others, some of whom are Palm partners, and some Palm likely doesn’t even know about yet.

As cool as it looks, the Foleo is only the beginning. We are at the forefront of a major change, one that could make obsolete the PC as we know it, make products like the iPhone, as a class, look foolish in hindsight, and could provide us with a level of security, reliability, and portability we have only seen in science fiction.”

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