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iPad 3 Rumor Round Up [Rumors]

There has been a lot of rumors lately about the next generation Apple iPad.

We assume that the next iPad will be called ‘iPad 3’, however, the name of the next iPad is still not confirmed.  Talking about the new iPad, wrote:

“Apple’s plans to release a third generation iPad within the next few weeks have been broadly anticipated, although the report, published by the New York Times, notes that its “unclear” if the next iPad will be named iPad 3.”

As with many things Apple around product launches, we won’t know everything until Apple CEO Tim Cook walks off stage.


Apple has not yet announced the iPad 3 or talked about when it might unveil the new tablet.  But we know the iPad 3 is coming soon if past history is any indication.  In late January, we started to hear that Apple would hold an event in February to announce the iPad 3 with a March launch.  Last week, reported that they understand that Apple will be holding a media event to announce the iPad 3 in early March and the new iPad will begin shipping closely there after.

“Apple’s not holding an event in February[,] [b]ut it is holding one in March — to launch its next iPad.
Sources say the company has chosen the first week in March to debut the successor to the iPad 2, and will do so at one of its trademark special events. The event will be held in San Francisco, presumably at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Apple’s preferred location for big announcements like these.”

One tell tail since that a new Apple product is about to be released is when the current model starts to see constrained quantities.  The following appeared on recently:

“Typically a solid indicator of an Apple product refresh is when the previous model of that particular product begins to see constraints and shortages. We saw this process prior to the launch of the iPad 2 in March of 2011, and we typically also see this process to prior to launches of Apple’s new Macs.
According to a source familiar with Apple’s product distribution channels, the iPad 2 WiFi + 3G is constrained. Supply shortages span beyond Apple’s own distribution channels, though, as major retailers are reporting “out of stock” status for the 3G iPad 2.”


The latest rumors say that the iPad 3 will be of a similar size and form of the current iPad 2. reports, “[t]he iPad 3 case was not noticeably thicker than the iPad 2, countering previous rumors that the new iPad would be thicker.”

The biggest feature that I’m looking forward to in the iPad 3 is the Retina Display-like display that is rumored to be supplied by Sharp.  Last Thursday, reported:

“The display has three flat cables that connect to the base of the LCD, which is said to sport a high-resolution 2,048-by-1,536-pixel display. That’s the same size that has been rumored for an Apple-branded Retina Display on the third-generation iPad. 

The resolution suggests that Apple’s so-called “iPad 3″ will not match the 326 pixel-per-inch density of the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPod touch. Rather, the rumored resolution would be a pixel density of around 260 pixels-per-inch, with quadruple the resolution found on the current iPad.”

Wireless Technology

Another interesting item that has come up this past Friday is that AT&T Wireless will begin supplying 4G LTE compatible micro-SIM cards.  In a article posted on Friday, Dan Graziano notes that while the new Nokia Lumia 900 and the Pantech Burst will likely use the new 4G LTE cards, it is possible that these cards might be used in an iPad 3 before Nokia’s new smartphone.

iPad 3 Ready Applications

What’s an Apple keynote address without some flashy advertising and software to go with the hardware?  BGR’s Mr. Graziano, on Friday, posted another article suggesting that Apple was in “crunch mode” getting ready for their iPad 3 product demonstration.

“The Cupertino-based company is now looking for apps that will show off the stunning quality of the iPad 3′s high-resolution Retina Display.”

Having high quality applications to show off the new capabilities of their new hardware is a staple of Apple product announcements and there is no reason to doubt Apple won’t have select software developers on hand to help unveil the new iPad.

AppleInsider added:

“The iPad maker is also reportedly forwarding some apps to its advertising partner TWBA/Chiat/Day as the agency readies commercials for the third-generation tablet. Author Matthew Panzarino noted that the process is entering its “final phase” and is on a tight deadline for the presentation and subsequent television broadcast.”

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