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HP webOS Event Scheduled for Feb 9

HP has sent out invitations to a press event they will be holding on February 9 to talk about the new things, big and small, that are coming to the webOS platform.

The text, “Think big.  Think small.  Think beyond,” is being taken by some to believe that HP’s Palm unit is getting ready to introduce the world to their next devices: the PalmPad and Pixi 2.  The HP Pre 2, running webOS 2.0, is already been launched so it makes little sense to hold an event like this to talk about the coming soon Verizon edition of the Palm Pre 2.

So there will be no love for the Palm fanatics this year at CES, however, webOS maniacs will be able to get their freak on in just 35 days.

[Via BoyGeniusReport.com…]