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Getting To Know BlackBerry Messenger

Hey BlackBerry addicts!  Are you using BBM?  Don’t know what BBM is?  It’s BlackBerry Messenger an instant messaging app specifically for BlackBerry users!

So what can you do with BlackBerry Messenger?  It allows you to send IM messages to other BlackBerry users in your contacts list.  Some of the features include being able to send messages without character limits; receive real-time notification when a message is delivered and read; send pictures and videos to multiple BBM users; and share what music you are listening to on your BB.

Hit the Read more link to see a video of BBM in action.

Ready to get started?  Head over to the BlackBerry website to install the software on your phone.

Before you can get started with BlackBerry Messenger, your BlackBerry must be running BlackBerry OS 4.5 or later.  That means that most BlackBerry Curve and later devices will be supported, however, you may need to update your phone’s operating system before you can install.

If you really want to learn the ins and outs of BBM, you can download the manual from the BlackBerry support website.