Getting Ready for Upgrading to iOS 6

Later today, Apple is expected to release the iOS 6 upgrade for current model iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.  While Apple has not announced when the update will go live, for those of us on the East Coast, it tends to go live between 1-4pm.

While we’re waiting for the update to go live on Apple’s servers, there are a few things we can do to get ready.

1. Download and install iTunes 10.7 if you haven’t already done so. iTunes 10.7 is a minor update that adds support for iOS 6.  iTunes 11, due out later this year, will be a major overhaul of Apple’s media player software.

2. Backup your iDevice before upgrading.

3. Have your charger handy.  The iOS upgrade will run if you have more than a 50% charge, but avoid the chance of trouble with the phone turning off during the upgrade.

4. Practice relaxation techniques.  If the volume of iPhone 5 pre-orders are any indication, lots of people are going to be trying to download the update, so be prepared for possible longer than normal download times.

You will also want to head over to the iBook Store after the iOS 6 software is released and download the new user manual for your device.  For example, after last year’s iOS 5 release, Apple published iPhone User Guide for iOS 5 and iPad User Guide for iOS 5.  I have no doubt that by the weekend, we’ll see new versions of those books for iOS 6.