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Foleo Fotos – Pictures from the Manhattan Sneak Peek

As you already know, I was able to attend last night’s Foleo Sneak Peek at the Palm Retail Store in Rockefeller Center. The following are some pictures I took at the event.

The Rockefeller Center retail store front.

The Palm Goodie Bags – Don’t Touch!

The Orange Accessory Wall

Foleo free standing ad

Foleo application launcher – The “App Menu”

Foleo application version screen

Foleo and Apple MacBook 15″ size comparison

Foleo and Treo 700p size comparison

The Palm Goodies

Thanks Palm for hosting this event! A great time was had by all.


  • BaDZeD

    Damn, I envy you! Looks like this time around you got more than coffee and donuts on a Palm event. We’re all looking forward for a detailed report 🙂

  • Alan Grassia, Staff Writer

    Ya, no donuts this time. And the bar tender was serving…Diet Coke! Just some great giveaways with which to end the evening with.And the cool thing about going last night was that I got to pick out my spot on the side walk where I’m going to set up my lawn chair when I line up to get a Foleo.Alan G