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Consumer Reports: Palm Pre vs. Apple iPhone

The September 2009 edition of the Consumer Reports magazine has a 1/3 page “mini review” of the Palm Pre as it compares against the Apple iPhone 3G S. There is even a video review of the two phones on the Consumer Reports website.

As readers of this blog know, the iPhone and the Palm Pre have a lot in common and the decision as to which one is right for you will end up coming down to personal style and preference. I like the ease of use of the iPhone, however, the primary use for my smartphone is email, and for that I want a physical keyboard and so the Pre wins.

The article in Consumer Reports is short, you can read it while in the check out line, you’ll want to pick this issue up at your favorite newsstand because the issue also contains a good review of portable GPS units and reviews of the best drugs for allergies, colds, and the flu – a must for anyone who has kids heading back to school.

For more details, check out the Consumer Reports website.