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    Net Applications: Windows XP Loses Ground, Windows 8 Gains, and Mavericks Levels Off

    Earlier today web analytics firm Net Applications released PC operating system numbers.

    In a nutshell, today’s report keys on trends we would expect: Windows XP, first released back in 2001, is still hanging on at just below 30%.  Windows 8/8.1 are in a dead heat with Vista, with Windows 8 finally starting to gain ground and Windows 7 is still by far, the Windows desktop champ.

    On the Apple front, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks saw a huge 21% market share jump in November.  Compared to December’s numbers, Mavericks looked to be standing still with a 5% increase.


    [Via ComputerWorld.com…]

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    Microsoft Will Continue to Make XP Security Patches

    “Just because Microsoft doesn’t plan on giving Windows XP patches to the public after April 8, 2014, doesn’t mean it’s going to stop making those patches.

    In fact, Microsoft will be creating security updates for Windows XP for months — years, even — after it halts their delivery to the general public.

    Those patches will come from a program called “Custom Support,” an after-retirement contract designed for very large customers who have not, for whatever reason, moved on from an older OS.”

    Are you kidding?!  Windows XP is still a “thing”?

    Read the full article on the ComputerWorld website.

    [Via ComputerWorld.com…]