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    What’s Up with iPad Pro Ship Times?

    Source: Apple, Inc.

    From time to time, I like to play “what if” as in “What if my rich Uncle Tim bought me some new Apple gear”. This week, I was thinking about what new hardware I might by between now and the end of the year (or early next year depending on when Apple Silicon Macs start shipping).

    This week was the iPad Pro Edition of the What If game. I was playing around with the 2020 11-inch iPad Pro, using the same specs as my 2017 10.5-inch iPad Pro. The bottom line was $899. But the weird thing was that this iPad Pro was unavailable for pick up at any of my local Apple Stores. If Uncle Tim bought it for me online, from Apple.com, the delivery timeframe is October 1 – 8. The larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro with similar specs has the same delivery window. Huh?

    Ok, I get it. Lots of people in the United States are still buying new hardware for back to school and work from home scenarios because the U.S. is still a complete disaster here on the COVID-19 front as compared to other countries. And that’s probably the real reason for the shipping delays and physical retail shortages. But, could there be another reason? Apple just refreshed the iPad Pro line back in March of this year. Apple can’t possibly be refreshing the iPad Pro line again in 2020, would they? I mean, the 2020 iPad Pros have only been out for less than six months. While this does seem crazy, it is not unfounded. Looking back at the iPad release history, the iPad 3rd Generation was release in March 2012 and replaced with the iPad 4th Generation in October 2012. Just seven months later (sorry, still salty).

    So, could new iPad Pro models be on the way before the start of the holiday buying season? I guess only time will tell.

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    “Low Cost” iPhone 5C

    Tomorrow, Apple is expected to unveil a pair of new iPhones: the high-end iPhone 5S and it’s low cost sibling, the iPhone 5C.

    While many have been excited about the prospect of a low cost iPhone, I wouldn’t get to excited just yet.  We might be better off thinking about the iPhone 5C as a “lower cost” iPhone.

    If a new post by AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski is correct, anyone expecting a $300 iPhone is going to be disappointed.

    “Analysts expect Apple to price the so-called iPhone C somewhere between $400 and $500, potentially establishing a new mainstream price band between the smartphone market’s high end and its low end.”

    Backing those claims is Katy Huberty who last month published a note to investors indicating that Chinese customers, a very important market segment for Apple, find a $486 dollar iPhone to be “acceptable”.

    Apple will hold their fall media event tomorrow, Tuesday, September 10, at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern.

    [Via AllThingsD.com…]

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    Rumor: Photo of the “Gold” iPhone 5S Shell Leaks

    iPhone rumor silly season is in full swing, and to whet our appetites, a new leaked photo from a Japanese website leaves us clamoring for more.

    Yesterday, the above photo of what appears to be the metal casing for a champagne colored iPhone made the rounds.  Flanking the gold assembly, is a current generation black and white iPhone 5.

    I’m looking forward to upgrading my iPhone 4S to a new iPhone 5S.  The real question for me is what color should I get.  I am waffling between black and white.  For the last six years, I’ve had a black smartphone.  I’m thinking this time, I might opt for the white-but-sure-looks-grey-in-this-photo iPhone 5S.  The white model looks like it would match my MacBook Pro.  But I’m not sticking with anything until I click the “Confirm” button on the Apple online store website.

    [Via BGR.com…]

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    Rumor: New iPhones to Arrive in Japan on Sept 20

    AppleInsider, via CNET, has discovered a news item on Japanese publication Nikkei that suggests that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will launch in country on September 20.

    Reported to be available from SoftBank (the new majority owners of Sprint here in the US) and KDDI at launch.

    I think it’s a safe bet to say that here in the US, we will get one if not two new iPhone models no later than Sept 20.

    It has previously been rumored that Apple is planning a media event scheduled for Sept 10, a mere 20 days from today, to unveil – and possibly launch – iOS 7 and the next generation of iPhones.

    [Via AppleInsider.com…]