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    Resco View On Sale Until Sept 7

    Resco Viewew is now on sale until September 7, 2008. Resco Viewer, available for Palm OS, Windows Mobile Power PC, and Windows Mobile Smartphone edition is the mobile photo application.

    “Resco Photo Viewer is optimized for browsing albums and folders with numerous images. The split mode allows easy browsing of your image folders with instant preview. Resco Viewer offers several thumbnail modes and common image operations such as copy/move, rename, delete, reorder, send via email/IrDA/Bluetooth. All of this can be done in the multi-selection mode. “

    “Despite the word “Viewer” in its name, Resco Photo Viewer contains several image editing features as well. After entering the Edit mode, the application offers the possibility to crop the image area and change the image resolution. Moreover it is possible to adjust the contrast, brightness and gamma correction. Once the image is ready, it can be saved in one of 3 common image formats (JPG, PNG, BMP). “

    Use the following coupon codes to receive $10 off your purcahase of Resco Viewer when purchased at the Resco online store.

    Palm OS:
    Resco Viewer for Palm OS (ID 156)
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    Resco Photo Viewer 2007 Standard Edition
    Coupon name ViewerTamsPPC

    Resco Photo Viewer for Smartphone
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    Resco Launches IDGuard for Palm OS Smartphones

    Resco IDGuard is a brand new Windows solution for protecting sensitive data of any kind – passwords, documents, images etc. The application provides a complete workflow for secure documents and can synchronize effortlessly with the Palm OS® platform.

    Resco, the leading provider of end-user mobile applications and developer tools for the .NET platform, proudly announces the release of the Resco IDGuard – a new security solution for the Windows platform.

    Resco IDGuard was initially implemented for the Palm OS® mobile platform, the Windows release can automatically synchronize its data onto a handheld device running IDGuard for Palm OS via HotSync.

    Resco IDGuard can be used as a classic password manager with a very general data structure:
    Records (PINs, logins, accounts…) can have notes, reminders and attachments and can be structured into the tree of any complexity.

    Unique feature – Document Safe
    Nowadays, every software house has a password manager. But Resco IDGuard does much more:
    it be used to store business documents or private data of any kind.

    Moreover, IDGuard offers complete secure work flow for the common document types, so that the users can safely preview or edit sensitive documents. Secure handling is provided for MS Office documents, PDF, common image types and media files.

    In case of “unsupported” file types, IDGuard provides semi-automatic mode, where the document is opened in its editor and IDGuard reminds the user to close it manually when done editing.

    About Resco IDGuard
    The Windows version is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista, the PDA version requires Palm OS® 5.0+. Both version use the industrial standard in encryption technology to provide the maximum level of security – the AES encryption which is considered safe even by the US government.

    A free 14-day trial can be found at http://www.resco.net/palm/idguard/. IDGuard costs $19.95 USD and covers the license for both the Windows and PDA versions. The application is provided in the English language, Palm OS® German version is distributed via pdassi.de.

    All Resco products are available for immediate download from www.resco.net.