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    Palm Treo Pro comes to Telus in Canada

    Earlier today Palm announced that its Treo Pro smartphone is now available at TELUS in Canada. With its smartly designed high-resolution color touch screen and full web-browsing capabilities layered on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, Treo Pro is the ideal smartphone for business users and consumers.

    Treo Pro offers TELUS clients simplicity and productivity – including TELUS mobile email, TELUS Navigator, Wi-Fi, web and 3G network capabilities – to meet the needs of businesses and consumers alike. Treo Pro’s thin design blends style and functionality with an LCD touch screen, one-touch buttons and a full QWERTY keyboard.

    Similar to the recently released Treo Pro for Sprint here in the United States, the Telus Treo Pro will also feature Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.

    The Telus Treo Pro can be purchased for as low as $149.99 with a 3-year voice and data plan activation with a minimum $20 monthly service fee.

    For more information about Treo Pro at TELUS, visit the Palm website or www.telus.com.

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    Gagets On The Go: Sprint Treo Pro Hands On

    My friend and fellow gadget blogger, Jimmie Geddes, has gotten his hands on on the new Palm Treo Pro for Sprint a few days early.

    “The Sprint Treo Pro comes in the exact same packaging as the unlocked Treo Pro. Palm’s packaging for the Sprint Treo Pro is very reminiscent of Apple’s iPhone packaging. It’s clear that Palm wants to make a great first impression before you even get to the Treo Pro inside its box and they succeed in doing so. Very classy!”

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    Palm Treo Pro Comes to Alltel Wireless

    Palm continues their roll out of their latest Windows Mobile phone, the Treo Pro, around the world. Today’s news is that Alltel Wireless now has the Treo Pro available for their business customers. As was previously mentioned here, the Alltel Treo Pro will ship with Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 and the new version of Pocket Internet Explorer, version 6.0.

    “Palm, Inc.and Alltel Wireless today announced that the Treo Pro smartphone is available today at Alltel Wireless retail stores and online at alltel.com. Treo Pro is a sleek, full-function smartphone that offers business users the ease of use and robust features they demand while providing the reliability and manageability IT departments require. With Wi-Fi, GPS and Windows Mobile 6.1, Treo Pro helps busy professionals stay connected on the go so they can structure their lives around their priorities without sacrificing work productivity.”

    “Businesses want the control and savings that Windows affords, in an innovative and elegant package that keeps their users happy. Treo Pro balances both,” said John Traynor, vice president, business products, Palm, Inc.

    “Treo Pro strengthens our aggressive business product portfolio by letting customers easily stay connected and experience Alltel’s broadband network,” said Angela Rittgers, director of product management for Alltel Wireless. “Businesses will benefit from Treo Pro’s advanced functionality and well-designed user interface.”

    Alltel customers looking to purchase the Treo Pro can do so for $199 with a two-year service agreement. For more information about the Treo Pro, visit the Palm website. Customers can view the service plans and pricing on the Treo Pro on the Alltel website.

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    Palm Treo Pro Comes to Brazil on Claro Network

    Palm has launched the Palm Pro smartphone on the Claro Network for our friends in Brazil.

    “Everything about Treo Pro — from the hardware design to the packaging and accessories – embodies the elegant and simplified end-to-end experience that our customers expect from Palm,” said Mark Halliden, managing director, Brazil, for Palm, Inc. “Businesses want the control and savings that Windows Mobile affords, in an innovative and elegant package that keeps their users happy. Treo Pro balances both.”

    The Treo Pro smartphone, based on the popular Windows Mobile platform, helps optimize business processes by effortlessly mobilizing users with enhancements to the Windows Mobile 6.1 platform, including:

    • One-touch Wi-Fi button – Easy, fast Wi-Fi connection experience (802.11b/g).
    • Ringer switch – Silences the device immediately.
    • Screen saver – Lets users know at a glance – without turning on the device – what time it is and whether they have missed a call or have a new SMS/MMS message.
    • New voicemail indicator – The center button flashes to let users know that a voicemail is waiting.
    • Dedicated email and calendar buttons — Fast one-button access.

    For more details, visit the Palm website

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    BGR: Sprint Treo Pro Appears, Then Vanishes

    The Boy Genius Report is reporting today that the Palm Treo Pro make a brief cameo appearance on the Sprint online store today and then just as quickly disappeared.

    There have been a lot of rumors around the Internet about Palm’s next Windows Mobile device on the Sprint network, including photos of the retail packaging of the Sprint Treo Pro edition. Earlier this week, PalmInfoCenter was reporting that the new CDMA edition of the Treo Pro will get a bit of a boost from the rumored hardware tweaks over it’s unlocked GSM cousin.

    The good news is that the Pro is coming to Sprint and the cost of the device with a qualifying 2-year contract agreement will be $249 after rebates are applied.

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