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    Facebook Home Goes Live on Select Android Handsets

    If you are the type that just can’t get enough Facebook and you use a Google Android smartphone, you might be interested to know that Facebook Home is now available for download from the Google Play Store.

    Facebook Home provides deep Facebook integration into your Android-powered smartphone putting your friend’s status updates, notifications, and Messenger chats front and center so you always know what’s going on.

    According to BGR, compatible devices include the HTC One, HTC One X, HTC One X+, Galaxy S4, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note II and of course HTC’s (2498) First. Unfortunately, Facebook Home is only available in the US right now and you must be running Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS or later.

    Want to learn more about Facebook Home?  Check out Facebook’s promotional video.

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiqbNxRurFA]

    [Via BGR.com…]

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    HTC EVO 4G – Sprint’s Best One Day Sales Leader

    Sprint has announced that Friday’s launch of the HTC EVO 4G was the best handset launch, ever. The one day sales of the EVO 4G on Friday, June 4th, topped last year’s sales leader, the Palm Pre that features the webOS platform.

    Friday sales of HTC EVO 4G marked the largest quantity of a single phone sold in one day ever for Sprint – the record was previously held by both Samsung InstinctTM and Palm PreTM. In addition, the total number of HTC EVO 4G devices sold on launch day was three times the number of Samsung Instinct and Palm Pre devices sold over their first three days on the market combined.
    “HTC EVO 4G is a clear winner for customers with the powerful combination of an amazing multimedia experience in 3G coverage areas that becomes even better in our growing number of 4G markets. It is terrific to see customers react so positively to this device and the innovative experience it brings to them,” said Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO.
    The record pace of HTC EVO 4G sales led to temporary shortages of the device at some of the 22,000 sales locations across the United States, including Sprint retail stores, national retail partners including RadioShack, Best Buy and Walmart, and indirect dealers. Sprint and HTC are diligently working around the clock to increase inventory in all sales channels. Additional shipments are arriving in retail stores on a regular basis with many stores seeing daily deliveries.
    “HTC EVO 4G has more than lived up to our expectations that it would be one of the most anticipated technology products of the year,” said Kevin Packingham, senior vice president – Product Development for Sprint. “We are working closely with our partners at HTC to increase the supply and get EVO 4G into the hands of everyone who wants one as quickly as possible.”
    You can read the full press release on the Sprint website.
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    CES 2010

    The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is set to kick off on January 7 in Las Vegas. Since the focus of the show is consumers, CES starts on a Thursday and ends on a Sunday.

    According to the CES website, there are over 600 technology companies from the West Coast in attendance and event organizers are expecting 110,000 attendees for the trade room floor and workshop sessions. Tickets to the event are $200.

    For more information about this year’s CES event, please visit the CES website.

    Rumors Aplenty

    As usual for this time of year, there is a flurry of rumors about upcoming devices from a number of technology vendors. This year’s rumors include: HTC’s new touchscreen tablet device, Motorola’s expected announcement of two new smartphones, Google’s Nexus One smartphone press event on Jan. 5, with the device available from Google and T-Mobile.

    Palm will also be at CES this year, however, it is expected that the focus will be on software development, and not on new device launches. However, there are those pesky Verizon Wireless Pre Plus and Pixi Plus rumors to deal with.

    Apple won’t be at this year’s CES or MacWorld Expo events. Instead, it is widely rumored that Apple will hold their own press event on or around January 26th. Speculation is running wild in the face of mounting evidence that they will finally announce the table computer that has rumored to be under development for many years now.

    [Via Boy Genius Report, Barron’s Tech Trader Daily, Gizmodo, PreCentral]

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    Rumor: A Pair of AT&T Phones Get Leaked

    Engadget is reporting that AT&T has some new phone goodness headed our way for the back half of 2009.

    If the frenzy around the Palm Pre coming to Sprint in just about 9 days doesn’t make your head spin, Palm fans should get ready for the Palm Eos which is expected to show up on AT&T. Eos is expected to replace the last Palm OS smartphone currently on the market, the Palm Centro. From the slides that Engadget got their hands on, we have now officially leared that Eos’ code name was the long rumored “Castle” smartphone.

    Andorid fans should get ready for the new HTC Qwerty slider, Lancaster. This GSM “consumer social messageing device” should get the under 30 crowd lining up at their local AT&T stores in early August if the rumors are correct and everything falls into place between now and then.

    You can read the Palm Eos and HTC Lancaster articles over on Engadget.

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    BGR: Sprint Smartphone Line Up Leaked

    BoyGeniusReport.com has gotten then hands on some upcoming handset changes coming to Sprint over the next few months. Take the list with a grain of salt, as I agree with Mr. Epstein that it will likely be “later” than “sooner” for the Palm Pre to launch, especially if Sprint is sitting on a large inventory of blue Treo 755p handsets.

    Device Name – Projected Warehouse EOL – Replacement (if available)

    Palm 755P (blue) – Late May – Palm Pre (target in-stock 3/15)
    Palm Centro (berry) – June
    Palm Centro (green) – July
    Palm Centro refresh (black) – July
    Palm 800W – April – Palm Treo Pro (target in-stock 2/15)
    RIM BlackBerry 7100i – August – RIM BlackBerry 8350i
    RIM BlackBerry Pearl (red) – May
    HTC Touch Diamond – July
    LG Rumor (blue) – Mid February – LG 265 Rumor II (target in-stock 2/15)
    LG Rumor (green) – Mid March – LG 265 Rumor II (target in-stock 2/15)
    LG Rumor (black) – Mid April – LG 265 Rumor II (target in-stock 2/15)
    Samsung M520 Lumina – Mid April – LG LX370 (slider)
    Sanyo 6750 Eclipse (pink) – June
    Motorola Q9C – Mid June
    Sierra 597E – July – Sierra 2-in-1 Aircard
    Motorola VE20 – July

    [Via BoyGeniusReport.com…]

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    New Name, Expanding Smartphone Coverage

    Today is both an ending and a beginning. After long and careful deliberation, it is time to say goodbye to “Foleo Fanatics.” In the year since Palm canceled the Foleo Mobile Companion it has become increasingly evident that the Foleo, in it’s original configuration and name, will never be released.

    The Foleo unit that I was able to use, even for a short while, showed amazing potential and I’m still looking for something to replace it.

    However, the time has come to look beyond the Foleo and, starting today, Foleo Fanatics has become Smartphone Fanatics.

    Smartphone Fanatics will continue where Foleo Fanatics has left off, providing you with the same great coverage of the Palm user community. We also plan on expanding our coverage beyond Palm’s products. Moving forward, look for increasing coverage of Windows Mobile devices from great vendors like High Tech Computng (HTC). We will also be covering the exciting new BlackBerry smartphones coming out of Research In Motion (RIM). And, lastly, we also plan to cover everybody’s favorite entertainment device, the Apple iPhone.

    Welcome to Smartphone Fanatics!

    Alan Grassia
    Editor, SmartphoneFanatics.com