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    Samsung Announces Developer’s Conference

    Earlier today, consumer electronics giant Samsung announced a cross-platform developer’s show, Samsung Developer’s Conference , or SDC.

    Scheduled to take place October 27-29 at the Westin St. Francis Hotel, Union Square, the event is being billed as a cross-platform event that will cover topics including their Android-powered Galaxy smartphones and tablets, Windows PCs, Windows Phone smartphones, and even their SmartTV and Boxee offerings.

    If I was Larry Page, I’d be more than a little worried that my largest Android partner is “going rogue.”

    Bottom line: still looks like Samsung can’t come up with any original ideas.

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    Samsung Uses New Math To Talk Galaxy Tab Sales Figures

    Samsung management have some egg on their face that needs to be wiped off with regard to the “new math” they used to report sales numbers of their Galaxy Tab.

    Not only did Samsung have to back track and report that the 2 million Galaxy Tabs that where shipped where to retailers, not to consumers.  The “sell through” number that indicated how many consumers are buying devices, was not disclosed my Samsung.  The only consumer figures that Samsung’s Vice President of Mobile Communications was willing to state, was “quite small.”

    Adding to the deceptive sales figures, investment research firm ITG is now reporting that their survey of 6000 retailers indicates that the Samsung Galaxy Tab has a consumer return rate of 15-16%.  Yikes!

    I guess Samsung really should have listened to Google when they warned that Android 2.2 Froyo really wasn’t geared to to be run on tablet computers.

    Since Samsung was hell bent on getting the Galaxy Tab out the door as an iPad killers, I think it’s fair to point out that the return rate on the Apple iPad is only 2%.  As for sell through to customers, well, I think we all know the answer to that question.

    At least the Galaxy Tab has a cool looking wallpaper.

    [Via Digital Daily…]

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    Briefly Noted: Samsung Galaxy Tab Sprint Pre-Order, Best Buy On Tap

    In addition to today’s RIM BlackBerry Playbook news, more details about Samsung’s Galaxy Tab have surfaced.

    First up, the Google Android powered Samsung Galaxy Tab will begin shipping for Sprint customers on November 14.  If you want to make sure you get yours on launch day, starting today, Sprint is accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy.

    “The 7-inch tablet will launch online and in select stores on November 14, and it will run $399.99 with a new 2-year contract. As far as what that 2-year contract entails, Sprint is making two data plans available alongside its first tablet offering: a 2GB option for $29.99 per month and a 5GB option for $59.99 per month.”

    Also, we have learned by way of leaked Best Buy advertisement, the Wi-Fi only Samsung Galaxy tab will sell for $499.  The specs are the same as the Verizon and Sprint editions of the tablet, minus the cellular radio.

    [Via BoyGeniusReport.com…]